Squads V3 Docs

Magic Eden

The details of our integration with Magic Eden.

What is Magic Eden?

Magic Eden (ME) is the leading marketplace on Solana with $1.9 billion secondary trading volume. MagicEden allows users to buy, sell and trade NFTs and artists to launch their collections through ME launchpad.

How do Squads Protocol users benefit from this integration?

Users of Squads Protocol can pull funds together in a matter of minutes to purchase and co-own digital assets. Integration with Magic Eden allows them to seamlessly collaborate on-chain, purchase NFTs without withdrawing funds to an individual wallet and then securely store them inside their Squad.

How to purchase an NFT from Magic Eden?

To buy the NFT directly from your Squad:
  1. 1.
    Navigate to the NFT tab inside the Vault section.
2. Click on the "Buy" button, insert the link from Magic Eden and launch a transaction. Make sure you have enough funds in your Squad vault to purchase the NFT.
Buy NFT pop-up
3. The purchase will be finished once the transaction meets the confirmation threshold and gets executed.
Detailed transaction view
Please note that if the price of the NFT changes before the transaction execution or another buyer purchases the NFT first, the transaction won't be eligible for the execution, and a "Failed to execute" error will appear.
4. Once the transaction is executed purchased NFT will appear in the vault.