Transaction Builder
Learn how to use arbitrary instructions within Squads
In Squad V3 users can create an arbitrary instruction through the Transaction Builder to interact with any programs on Solana directly from a Squad.
To create a draft custom transaction:
  1. 1.
    Navigate to the “TX Builder” tab and click “Create transaction”.
TX builder
2. Insert the name, click on “Create transaction” and sign the transaction with your wallet.
Create a new transaction pop-up
3. After you confirm the transaction through your wallet, it will appear inside the list.
Draft created
All custom transactions are first saved as a draft, which needs to be populated with the instructions data before the launch.
To populate the custom transaction draft:
  1. 1.
    Click on the transaction, click “Add instruction” and add a program ID.
2. After it choose the instruction you need from the list and click “Next”.
Add a new instruction pop-up
3. Populate the instruction with the required data and click “Add instruction”.
Add a new instruction pop-up
4. Finally click on “Initiate Transaction” to launch a transaction inside your Squad. You will be carried over to the transaction which needs to be signed to reach the confirmation threshold. The custom transaction with arbitrary instructions will be launched upon transaction execution.
Transaction screen
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