This section is made for developers wanting to integrate Squads Protocol into their own projects by interacting with v4.

It is structured as straightforward as possible with two sections, with the first being how to read data from the v4 program and the second being how to interact with it. In each section you will be able to find a detailed list of every account and instruction included in the Squads v4 SDK and Crate.

The SDK examples are made to execute instantly and therefore use the .rpc() method when interacting with the SDK. If you want to construct a transaction with one of the instructions, you can do so by using the .transaction() method, and you can construct an individual instruction with the .instruction() method.

Program ID

The Squads V4 program is deployed on the Solana mainnet-beta cluster.


Overview List

Here is a List of the different categories this section contains.

Reading data from Squads

Interact with the Squads program