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What is Squads Protocol

Introduction into building on top of Squads Protocol
Squads Protocol is a collection of programs on the Solana blockchain that implements smart contract level account abstraction and acts as the perfect foundation for building products that will help onboard the next billion users into crypto.
It secures over $500mln in value and the leading product built on top of it, the Squads platform, is trusted by leading teams in the Solana ecosystem such as Drift, Helium, Jupiter, Raydium, Star Atlas, Pyth, Aurory, Tensor, among others.
Due to its permissionless nature, developers can seamlessly integrate Squads Protocol's programs into their own applications, enabling enhanced features that leverage multi-signature functionality and Solana's account abstraction capabilities. These features include spending limits, sub-accounts, time locks, and more.
To start your journey into interacting with Squads Protocol and the v4 program, you can read our Quickstart guide. It will walk you through creating a complete workflow using the Squads Typescript SDK in just 10 minutes.
For more specific instructions, head to the Overview page.
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