Creating a Squad

To deploy Squads multisig on Solana, navigate to connect your wallet and click on Create Squad button.


While all Squads are multisigs at their core, we do offer optionality in their configuration. Multisig type is a classic mutli-signature wallet where 1 signature equals 1 vote (this is the option to go for if you are just looking for a simple set up to manage your on-chain assets).

Teams is an additional multisig type with weighted votes, where members are minted non-transferrable / illiquid tokens that allow them to confirm transactions and vote on discussion proposals with different vote weight.

We imagine Teams is relevant for multisig users who are looking to have a more advanced set up, for instance where one member is a supervisor and should have more control over the Squad assets.


Insert the name, description and the profile picture for your Squad (.jpeg, png, gif formats are supported with a 2MB size limit).

Initial owners

Add initial owners by inserting their public keys. Currently, you can add up to 5 initial owners upon deployment. Once the Squad is deployed you will be able to add more owners by initiating an Ownership transaction, which will have to be confirmed by the Squad. Squads multisig technically can have up to 150 owners, however, we would advise keeping this number under 50, for a better user experience.


Set the confirmation threshold which represents how many multisig owner confirmations will be required for a transaction to become executable. The Squad can change the threshold after deployment by executing a transaction.

Final review

Review the parameters you selected and hit Deploy. Deployment costs approximately 0.08 SOL in Solana network fees.

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