Owners tab allows Squad members to:

  • view owners of the Squad;

  • copy an address of the owner;

  • navigate to owners twitter profiles (if they linked their Twitter identity via Cardinal);

  • initiate a transaction to add/remove an owner.

Owners are added to a Squad via their public key.

Adding / Removing owners

Adding and removing owners requires the Squad to confirm and execute a transaction which can be initiate from this pop up.

Squads integration with Cardinal allows to link twitter identities to Squad ownership and display their Twitter names next to their wallet addresses.

To link a Twitter identity, an owner needs to:

  1. Connect their wallet to Squads;

  2. Click on the wallet address in the right top cornet of the screen and select Link Twitter;

  3. Click Verify button and tweet the public key;

  4. Copy and paste tweet URL into the corresponding field;

  5. Click Claim to finish linking the twitter identity.

Once the process is finished, an owner will see their twitter name displayed next to their wallet address in the Owners tab, as well as the transaction tab.

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