Transaction list displays all the Multisig transactions by date. Transactions are essential for Multisigs and are used to validate every action, impacting Ownership, Vault or Rules within a Squad.

Every transaction has an End date, which you select upon initiation.


There are 3 types of transactions:

Rules - a transaction for confirmation of threshold changes;

Vault - a transaction for various Vault features (send, deposit, swap);

Ownership - a transaction for change of ownership in the multisig vault (add, remove owners).


A transaction can have three different states, indicated by different colour tags:

Active - means that the transaction is currently active and requires confirmation to become executable;

Closed - means that the transaction is no longer active (it was either rejected or executed);

Ready for execution - relevant for all transaction types, which, if passed, require to be executed.

Transaction preview

Transaction in the list can be expanded for preview displaying the transaction Info and Results.

Filtering and sorting

The transaction’s list can be filtered by types and states:

and also sorted by newest and oldest:

Initiate -> Confirm -> Execute

To do a transaction the Squad will always have to follow the same three steps.

1. Initiate

Squad actions such as adding/removing a member, sending tokens/NFTs, doing a swap, etc., will trigger a transaction, which needs to be confirmed by the Squad according to its confirmation threshold. The Squad member who initiates a transaction will be automatically transferred to the transaction screen to confirm it, while other members will see it appear their transaction lists.

2. Confirm

The next step is to reach the confirmation threshold, so the transaction can be executed. Owners need to confirm or reject the transaction by selecting the relevant option in the Cast your vote section. Each vote costs approximately 0.00168 SOL in Solana network fees.

3. Execute

Once a transaction reaches the confirmation threshold it can be executed by any member of the Squad.

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