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Welcome to Squads

Learn more about Squads and Squads Protocol.

About Squads

Squads is a multisig platform that simplifies management of developer and treasury assets for on-chain organizations building on Solana. With Squads, teams can secure assets in a multisig and jointly manage their:
  • treasuries;
  • programs;
  • validators;
  • native tokens; and
  • any on-chain asset on Solana.
The process of developing a protocol or product in crypto has many unique aspects and challenges that do not exist in a traditional web2 environment. Unique challenges require unique solutions. With this in mind, we have built Squads to offer a user-friendly experience for crypto developers and operators when it comes to managing their core developer and treasury assets throughout the entire process of bringing their vision to life.
While every team’s journey is unique, most teams at some point raise VC funding or get a grant, deploy a program on chain, launch a token and start their own validator. Squads solves three core problems when it comes to managing these assets:
  • user experience - we have transformed a lot of the experiences that previously required developers to interact with the CLI into well-designed user flows all contained within an intuitive interface;
  • security - Squads is built on top of Squads Protocol which is a smart contract wallet infrastructure layer for Solana that allows to secure ownership of these assets with multi-signature logic, requiring multiple signatories to approve actions. That allows to decentralize control over these assets amongst the team and removes single points of failure;
  • transparency - by requiring multisig approvals for management of these assets, parsing a lot of the relevant data in our interface and making it human readable, we provide teams with much greater transparency, allowing for the main stakeholders to have more visibility and a way to approve actions critical for the development of their project.

Squads Protocol

Squads Protocol represents a collection of programs (smart contracts), that enables developers to deploy and program smart contract wallets - a next generation of self-custody solutions.
Squads is built on top of Squads Protocol, the safe and robust core smart contract wallet infrastructure layer for Solana and SVM. Squads Protocol powers the multi-signature aspect of Squads allowing teams to manage various on-chain assets together in an intuitive, secure and decentralized way. Additionally, it brings novel account abstraction features to Solana such as spending limits and permissions.
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