Self Custody Society (SCS)

What is the Self Custody Society?

The Self Custody Society (SCS for short) is a collective of teams that help guide and support the development and adoption of the multisig standard.

Moving forward, SCS will continue to provide feedback on the codebase and user experience as well as help us promote the benefits of self-custody and multisig use throughout the Solana ecosystem and beyond.

Which teams form SCS?

Currently, SCS consists of the following teams: Grape, Cardinal, Dialect, Hubble, Strata, Genopets, Drift, PsyOptions, Tensor, Helius, Jito Labs, Magna, Ratio Finance, Marginfi, Streamflow, Superteam, OptiFi, Wordcel, mtnPay, FRAKT, Bridgesplit, Asymmetric, Everlend, OtterSec, Dual Finance, Ironforge, Xenon, Dispatch, Integral, Coinable, Amulet Protocol, Lulo Finance, Samo, Cypher, Unique, Francium, Sharky, Cega, Elusiv, ape16z, LadderCaster, Pyth, Light Protocol, Solworks, Raydium, Solend, Step Finance, Lab Eleven, Phantasia. We also welcome secure individuals: Sebastian Bor, Kyle Samani, Ben Sparango, Rob Sarrow, Vishal Kankani.

What are the benefits of being an SCS member?

Currently, SCS members have early access to new features and get integration preference, but this is just the beginning as there are a lot more things in store. Reach out if you would like to join SCS today.

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