What if the Squads app goes down

The Squads Backup Kit ensures you can always access your assets through multiple options

Squads Backup Kit

In the unlikely event that the Squads app would be unavailable for a long period, we have put in place multiple options to allow users to access their assets:

This is an open-source interface that allows you to interact with the Squads program where your assets sit. You can fork it and host it locally to access your Squads account(s) and then, for instance, withdraw your assets.

The Squads minimal UI can be found on our official GitHub: https://github.com/Squads-Protocol/squads-v4-public-ui

Note that this UI primarily focuses on emergency actions (e.g. withdrawing funds or programs) in case the Squads main app is inaccessible for too long. We do not encourage using it as your main app as it is not optimized and far from the experience you get on app.squads.so.

Remember, all your assets are stored in the Squads multisig program on-chain, and Squads Labs never has control over your funds nor can access them.

In the unlikely event that Squads Labs ceases operations or the main UI becomes inaccessible, your assets remain secure. Only you have the authority to move them using your private key/wallet.

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