Instant Swaps

Swaps are filled instantly at current market price and liquidity. Powered by Jupiter.

Note that the way multisig works makes Swap execution a delayed process when using Squads, as it requires approval from multiple members.

This can be an issue if members are slow to approve a Swap, as the price might have changed or the route expired, causing the Swap to fail.

How to Swap tokens directly from your Squads account?

How to Swap Tokens:

  1. Go to either the "Treasury" or "Dashboard" Page..

  2. Find the "Trade" icon and click on "Instant Swap" to open a swap pop-up.

  3. Choose the account you want to use for the swap.

  4. After selecting the pair, you will see the three best routes below the pair selection fields.

  1. Configure the slippage tolerance by selecting one of the predefined options (0.1%, 0.5%, or 1%) or inputting it manually (capped at a maximum of 15%).

Trade prices constantly change. Slippage tolerance is designed to determine the minimum amount of the receivable tokens. If the price of the receivable asset deviates above the slippage tolerance percentage, the transaction will fail to execute. In this case, the user will need to initiate a new swap or wait until the exchange rate gets back to the indicated slippage tolerance range.

  1. Users can check the price information, which includes:

  • Rate: This shows the exchange rate for the selected route

  • Slippage: This shows the slippage tolerance percentage

  • Price impact: The size of the trade can affect the rate that users are getting. Price impact measures how much the size of the trade is affecting the price

  • Minimum received: This is the minimum amount of tokens that a user will receive upon transaction execution. It is based on the slippage tolerance

  • AMM fees: These are fees paid to the AMM for routing the swap

  • Platform fees: These are the fees incurred by the Squads platform (0.2%)

  1. Launch the transaction. Once the transaction reaches the confirmation threshold and is executed, the swap will be completed.

Please note that if you swap a token that hasn't been deposited into your Squads vault before (for example, swapping SOL to HNT), you will need at least 0.003 SOL in your Squad vault. This amount will be used to cover the cost of creating ATA for the newly deposited token.

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