Squads v3 Docs

What's a Squad?

The characteristics of a Squad.
A Squad is a programmable multisig wallet, which allows teams to jointly manage their treasury (fungible tokens, NFTs) and developer assets (programs, tokens, validators).
  • Owners are added to a Squad by their wallet addresses (public keys). You can add an unlimited amount of initial owners. We recommend keeping the number of owners under 20 for the best experience;
  • Each Squad has a Vault where users can send, receive, & store assets and perform various operations with them;
  • Each Squad has a Program section where programs can be added and upgraded;
  • Each Squad has a Token manager section where tokens can be added, minted and burned;
  • Each Squad has a Validator section where validators can be managed;
  • Each Squad has a TX Builder section, which allows for creation of arbitrary instructions;
  • Every action in the Squad triggers a transaction that needs to be approved and executed by the owners of a Squad;
  • Squad deployment costs approx. 0.0025 - 0.0045 SOL (Solana network fees) depending on the amount of the initial owners;