Which blockchain is Squads Protocol built on?

Squads Protocol is built on the Solana blockchain.

Does Squads Protocol have any plans to go cross-chain?

At the moment, we are fully focused on enhancing the Squads Protocol product suite on Solana. In the future, we will explore expanding our presence in the crypto ecosystem through the systematic integration of decentralized bridges.

How can I contribute to the protocol?

The protocol's codebase is open-source, so you are free to fork it or build on top of it permissionlessly. If you are interested in working directly with our development team, please reach out to us on Discord.

Does Squads Protocol have a token?

Squads Protocol does not yet have a token. Please be aware of nefarious scamming links as well as counterfeit airdrops to your wallet. The Squads Protocol core team will NEVER contact you regarding token sales.

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