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The details of our integration with Cardinal.

What is Cardinal?

Cardinal is a protocol on Solana that has built a utility layer for NFTs. They have built NFT utility infrastructure such as staking, ticketing, renting, and identity verification, which are all key primitives that push forward both the Solana ecosystem and NFT adoption.

How do Squads Protocol users benefit from this integration?

We've integrated Cardinal to allow users to link their Twitter profile to their wallet address within their Squad. Cardinal adds an important social dimension to Squads Protocol, which is essential for effective coordination and accounting. With Twitter-linked identities, navigating between owners in a Squad and keeping track of their activity is straightforward.
Additionally, Squads Protocol users are able to rent their NFTs directly from the Squad without withdrawing them from the vault.
1. Click on your wallet in the top right corner of the screen. Click "Connect Twitter".
Wallet info pop-up
2. You will then need to tweet a confirmation of your public key. Click "Verify."
Cardinal pop-up
3. You will be automatically redirected to Twitter where you'll see the tweet below with your personal wallet address. Click "Tweet".
4. Once you've tweeted, paste the URL of the tweet, and then press "Claim".
Cardinal pop-up
5. After claiming the NFT your Twitter handle will be displayed next to your wallet address. You can always unlink it at any moment by clicking on the "Edit Twitter" button and clicking on the "Managed accounts" button.
Linked Twitter handle

How to rent out an NFT from a Squad?

  1. 1.
    Navigate to the "Vault" tab, click on the NFT section and select the NFT you would like to rent.
NFT detailed view
2. Click on the "Rent" button.
3. Once you've clicked on the "Rent" button, a pop-up will appear. Specify the renter by inserting the public key into the corresponding field.
Rent NFT pop-up
Please note that if you specify the address inside the field only it will be able to claim the NFT after the transaction is executed. If you leave it empty, then any wallet can rent the NFT by navigating to the "Rent" link after transaction is execute.
4. Specify the description (optional) and launch a transaction.
5. Once the transaction meets the confirmation threshold requirement and is executed you will be able to access the rental link and send it to the renter. To do this:
a. Click on the transaction and enter a detailed view. More on the transaction views here.
b. Copy the link from the "Claim link" field and send it over to the renter.
Executed transaction
6. To rent NFT, the renter must click the link, connect the wallet specified in the transaction (or any wallet if the "Renter" field was empty), click the "Free" button, and then click "Rent NFT".
All rented NFTs will be marked as "Rented" inside the Squad vault right after the transaction execution.
NFT gallery with the rented NFT
7. The NFT will appear inside the renter's wallet upon claiming it.

How to revoke rent?

  1. 1.
    Navigate to the vault tab, click on the NFT section and select the NFT, which is marked as "Rented".
  2. 2.
    In the detailed NFT view click on the "Revoke" button and initiate a transaction.
NFT detailed view
3. Once the transaction meets the confirmation threshold and is executed, the NFT will be claimed back to the Squad and disappear from the renter's wallet.