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Who we are?

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Squads Labs

Squads Labs is a company that is the main contributor to Squads, Squads Protocol, and Fuse.
Squads Labs has been developing Squads Protocol since May 2021 and the current version (V3) has been finalized and made immutable in February 2023. Squads Labs is currently working on the next iteration of the protocol (V4) which will allow for greater programmability, permissioning and many other advanced features.
Our products have already achieved significant milestones:
  • +$450 mln in assets secured;
  • Open-source, immutable, as well as the first formally verified Solana protocol;
  • Trusted and used by countless teams in the ecosystem like Pyth, Raydium, Marginfi, Drift, Helius, Kamino, Jito, Frakt, Hadeswap and many others;
  • Our partners and investors include Multicoin Capital, Jump Crypto, Collab + Currency, Delphi Digital, Reciprocal Ventures, Solana Ventures.