Create a Transaction

To create a transaction for the multisig to act upon first derive a PDA for the transaction. The transaction PDA is used to reference the account created, and will store some basic information about the transaction.

In addition to the PDA, creating a transaction also requires and authority index.

A complete example to create a new Transaction with the expected transactionIndex

// fetch the multisig
const multisigAccount = await;

// get the next expected transactionIndex
const transactionIndex = new anchor.BN(multisigAccount.transactionIndex + 1);

// get the transaction PDA
const transaction = await anchor.web3.PublicKey.findProgramAddress(
    transactionIndex.toBuffer("le", 4), // or .toArrayLike(Buffer, "le", 4) 

// get the public key of the payer/creator
const creator = wallet.publicKey;

await program.methods.createTransaction(1) //using authorityIndex of 1
       multisig,    // the multisig PDA
       transaction, // the transaction PDA
       creator // the creator/payer of the transaction acccount

After being created, the transaction will remain in a Draft status, until it is activated by the member key that created it.

Refer to the Transaction PDA section for more information about deriving the transaction PDA and the Authority section for information about how authorities function within Squads.

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