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Create a Multisig

To create a multisig, first derive the address. The address is technically a PDA, and can be derived based off of the createKey. The createKey can be any public key (wallet, random, etc.), as long as its supplied as a PublicKey type.
Additionally, the create method will need an approval threshold and a list of keys to act as the members of the multisig (signers).
For example, to create a multisig based on a user's wallet address or a random key:
// using a wallet to seed the multisig & address
const createKey = wallet.publicKey;
// or
const createKey = anchor.web3.Keypair.generate().publicKey;
// list of members/keys
const membersList = [wallet.publicKey, otherKey1, otherKey2];
// threshold
const threshold = 2;
// the multisig pda
const multisig = await anchor.web3.PublicKey.findProgramAddress(
// adjust to fit your Anchor provider or if using React useAnchorWallet() hook
const creator = wallet.publicKey;
// this will create a multisig with a threshold of 2/3, with three members
await squadsProgram.methods.create(threshold, createKey, memberList)
Read the section on PDAs for more information about the multisig PDA.