Owners and Settings
How to adjust the settings of your Squad.

Owners are added to a Squad via their public key.
Owners tab allows Squad owners to:
  • view owners of the Squad;
  • initiate a transaction to add/remove an owner.
  • navigate to owners' Twitter profiles (if they linked their Twitter identity via Cardinal);
  • copy an address of the owner;
Owners tab

Info tab displays the basic information about the Squad and allows to:
  • check confirmation threshold and initiate a transaction to change it;
  • copy the addresses of the Squad's vault and account;
  • check the number of owners inside the Squad;
  • change the Squad profile picture, name, or description;
  • change the explorer used for the transactions inspection.
Info tab

The confirmation threshold is every Squad's essential parameter, which helps ensure that funds management is secured by multiple signatures required for every transaction.
The confirmation threshold represents how many multisig owner confirmations will be required for a transaction to become executable. It can be adjusted at any point in time by initiating a transaction from the "Info" tab.
Change threshold pop-up
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