Squads v3 Docs


The details of our integration with Dialect.

What is Dialect?

Dialect is a smart messaging protocol for dApp notifications and wallet-to-wallet chat. Dialect is powering notifications and messaging for over 15 protocols on Solana.

How do Squads Protocol users benefit from this integration?

We've integrated Dialect to enable web3 notifications directly within the Squads Protocol interface. Squad owners can opt-in to receive notifications regarding proposal updates, confirmation threshold changes, and owner additions/removals from a Squad. For more on Dialect, see their website here.

How to set up notifications?

Users can receive on-chain notifications about actions in the Squads they are part of.
To enable notifications:
  1. 1.
    Click on the "Bell" icon next to your wallet address.
Dialect pop-up
2. Click on "Sign Message" and sign the transaction in your wallet pop-up.
3. Notifications will be appearing in the notifications feed.
Notification feed
4. You can also set up notifications for telegram and email in the settings.
Notifications settings