Squads v3 Docs


Details of our security stack.
Is Squads Protocol open-source?
Yes, our code is open-source and available to view here.
Is Squads Protocol Secure?
To ensure that Squads Protocol is secure, we have taken the following actions:
  • independent security audit with Bramah Systems;
  • independent security audit with OtterSec;
  • Squads program has been formally verified;
  • made Squads V3 program immutable;
  • running the Sec3 premium tool after any changes to the on-chain code;
  • written the program in Anchor (a framework for quickly building secure Solana programs);
  • kept the codebase minimal;
  • open sourced the codebase;
  • asked a number of established teams in the ecosystem to review the code and give their feedback.