Squads V3 Docs


The details on our integration with DeadGods staking.
Users can stake their DeadGods NFTs to earn $DUST token directly from their Squad.
To stake a DeadGod:
  1. 1.
    Navigate to the "Staking" tab and select "NFT" section.
NFT staking section
2. Click on the "DeGods" block and select a DeadGod you would like to stake. Please note that to stake a DeadGod from the Squad, you first need to deposit it in the Squad vault (more on NFT deposits here).
3. Once selected, click "Stake" to launch a transaction inside your Squad. Your DeadGod will be staked upon transaction execution (more on transactions here).
4. Staked DeadGods earn $DUST tokens. Navigate to the "NFT" section within the "Staking" tab and click on the "Claim" button to claim $DUST.
5. After the transaction is executed, your $DUST tokens will appear inside your Squad vault.